4 Great Bathroom Tips for Your Oxnard Home

Storage space

Depending on the age and size of your home, you may find that you do not have all the storage space in your bathrooms that you would like.  Even if you have a fairly large main bathroom, the second bathroom can often times lack adequate storage space.  If more space is something that you desire for your bathroom, there are many stores nowadays that offer cabinets and shelving units that are built specifically for bathrooms.  Before visiting these stores, it would be a good idea to examine your bathroom and determine where exactly you have space to add storage.  Some common places to look are over the toilet, under the sink, and in any nooks or crannies your bathroom may have.  You can then measure how much space you have in the location of your choice so as you start looking for storage units, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what will fit. If you have space over your toilet, you may want to consider installing a small shelf to place items.  If there is ample room under your sink, you can find organizers and other accessories to help you organize your belongings and utilize the space you do have.  For your shower, Bed Bath & Beyond offers many different styles of shower caddies to help you keep your shower nice and tidy.  There are also stores that offer mesh bags for your children to keep any toys that they may use in the bathtub.

Mold and mildew prevention

If you are not careful, mold and mildew can begin to grow in your bathroom and cause issues down the line.  The main culprit behind mildew growth is moisture, so having proper ventilation is key to maintain a low moisture level and preventing mildew from forming. For those of you who have windows in your bathrooms, opening the window when showering is a good and easy way to circulate air in the bathroom.  For those without windows, an exhaust fan can be used to help remove moisture from the bathroom. In households where privacy is not an issue, showering with the bathroom door open will also allow the humid air to escape the bathroom.  There are also other ways that you can be proactive in preventing and controlling mildew.  Cleaning your shower and bathroom regularly with disinfectant is always a good idea.  Also, making sure that your shower curtain/doors are closed when you leave the shower so that they can dry properly is another good tip.

If your bathroom is equipped with an exhaust fan, you want to take some time to clean the parts every so often. Just like a house fan that collects dust after regular use, your exhaust fan will also collect dust and should be cleaned. If you can safely reach your fan, you can unfasten the cover and clean it off with mild soapy water.  For all other parts of the fan that you can access, you can dust them off with a small, soft brush and then vacuum up any excess debris using a vacuum nozzle attachment.  While you are at it, you can also check the fan blades and make sure that they turn freely.  If your fan has been making any strange noises or you notice that it is not working as effectively as it used to, you should call your handyman or other service provider to have it looked at.

Toilet cleaning techniques

Keeping your bathroom clean and dry is not only essential for mold/mildew prevention, but you also want to regularly clean and disinfect your toilet.  The toilet bowl cleaners that you can buy at your local grocery store are a good start, but that should not be the end-all, be-all of your toilet cleaning activities. The inside of the toilet bowl can be cleaned with toilet bowl cleaner or chlorine beach.  Whichever product you use, let it stand in the bowl for at least ten minutes and then scrub the bowl, not forgetting to clean the area under the rim.  There are also disposable toilet bowl cleaners that you can use one time and then throw away. Besides the toilet bowl, you also want to clean the  outside of the toilet, including the seat, lid, handles, and base of the toilet.  Again, there are a multitude of products that can be used for this job.

Caution:  When using different cleaning products, make sure to read and understand the warning labels.  It is never a good idea to combine cleaning products, especially when using chlorine bleach.  Also, make sure that there is proper ventilation in the bathroom when cleaning to help any residual fumes quickly escape the area.

Bathroom safety

Outside of the kitchen, the bathroom is probably the most likely location for a safety incident to occur in your home.  One of the more dangerous and common occurrences is slipping in the bathroom.  Laying rugs with nonskid backing outside of the bathtub and next to the sink is a good way help prevent the floor from becoming slippery.  As for the bathtub itself, you can find adhesive decals or rubber mats that can provide extra grip on the bathtub surface.  Another great way to help prevent slips is by installing grab bars.  Although children and the elderly may have the greatest risk of slipping, a grab bar can be a convenient way to provide safety to all of your family members.  If you install it yourself, make sure to follow the instructions so that you have adequate structural support.  Finally, make sure that you use care when operating electrical devices in the bathroom. It should go without saying that electricity and water don’t mix, but most households will use some type of electrical device in the bathroom.  If you do, make sure that you keep the device as far away from standing water as possible and do what you can to avoid the device from getting wet.  To help prevent electrical accidents, make sure that all of your bathrooms are equipped with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets.  If they are not, we would highly recommend replacing them.


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