The beautiful beach in Port HuenemeLocated on the Pacific Ocean at the southwest portion of the Oxnard Plain, you will find the city of Port Hueneme. Besides the beautiful beaches that draw many tourists throughout Southern California, the Port of Hueneme is one of the biggest economical drivers in Ventura County. Let Dream Home Property Solutions, LLC open the door for you into the Port Hueneme real estate market. Call us today at 805-250-8335!

Information About Port Hueneme Real Estate

First settled by the Chumash Indians, Port Hueneme derives its name from the Chumash words “wene me,” which means Resting Place. In the 1500s, the area was explored by a Portuguese explorer named Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, who also explored the Channel Islands. In 1871, Thomas Bard began a project to construct the Hueneme Wharf, which led to the growth of the town as we know it today. In 1939, the town’s name was officially changed to Port Hueneme before being incorporated in 1948. As stated by the United States Census Bureau, the population of Port Hueneme was 21,723 in 2010

The Port of Hueneme is the only deep water port between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The port is shared with Naval Base Ventura County and the Oxnard Harbor District. Naval Base Ventura County is a Navy base that was formed through the merger of Naval Construction Battalion Center Port Hueneme and Naval Air Station Point Mugu. With more than 19,000 personnel and 100 tenant commands, Naval Base Ventura County is the largest employer in Ventura County. The Oxnard Harbor District oversees the shipping and receiving of many products, including automobiles and agriculture.

Port Hueneme Real Estate Statistics (as according to United States Census Bureau)

Housing units (2010) = 8,131
Homeownership rate(2008-2012) = 45.8%
Housing units in multi-unit structures, percent(2008-2012) = 37.7%
Median value of owner-occupied housing units(2008-2012) = $313,900
Households(2008-2012) = 7,302
Persons per household(2008-2012) = 2..84
Per capita money income in past 12 months(2008-2012) = $23,267
Median household income( 2008-2012) = $51,723

an aerial view of Port Hueneme real estateThose looking to purchase Port Hueneme real estate will find a nice selection of affordable housing, especially considering the quality of life that can be found in this small city by the beach. In fact, the city’s website reports that “Port Hueneme has the most affordable housing and broadest mix of dwellings in all of Ventura County.” Port Hueneme itself has a small town atmosphere and is a short drive to the larger cities of Oxnard and Ventura. With the Naval Base and the Port of Hueneme as the city’s main economic drivers, the economy of Port Hueneme is able to withstand some of the monetary adversities that other cities in California might face during times of economic hardship.

Port Hueneme Real Estate Company

Dream Home Property Solutions, LLC can help you buy or sell your home in Port Hueneme. With dedication and an attention to detail that is unmatched, Ainslee and Cornelius Charles have built a team that will be there for you and your family. Having worked on Naval Base Ventura County, Cornelius has an intimate knowledge of Port Hueneme and the surrounding neighborhoods. Ainslee’s property management background and overall real estate knowledge transitions perfectly from Northern California to Ventura County. Whether you are in the market for a condominium, single family home, or even looking for an apartment to rent, Dream Home Property Solutions, LLC will be happy to meet any and all of your Port Hueneme real estate needs.