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At the intersection of California State Highway 118 and California State Highway 23 you will find the city of Moorpark. With an area of over 12 square miles, it is one of the larger cities in Ventura County. With easy access to Los Angeles County and the rest of Ventura County, Moorpark is a perfect location for those with a significant commute to work. Dream Home Property Solutions, LLC is the leading firm to help clients buy, sell, or invest in the Moorpark real estate market. Connect with us now at 805-250-8335!

Information About Moorpark Real Estate

The subdivision of land on which Moorpark was founded was originally owned by Madeline and Robert Poindexter. Located in the east section of Ventura County, Moorpark was founded on June 1, 1900. There are several theories as to where Moorpark got its name. Some say that it came from estate Moor Park in England, while others say that it received its name from the Moorpark Apricot that used to grow in the region. Another theory is that an employee working for the Southern Pacific Railroad in the 19th century mentioned that the hills of the region resembled the Scottish Moors. As stated by the United States Census Bureau, the population of Santa Barbara was 34,421 in 2010.

Like many of the cities in Ventura County, Moorpark was originally inhabited by the Chumash Indians. Robert Poindexter received the land in 1887 from the disbanded Simi Land Company. After a tunnel through the Santa Susana Mountains supporting the Southern Pacific Railroad was completed in 1904, the city’s population began to grow. Moorpark is known for being one of the first cities in the world to run off of nuclear power. Powered by a nuclear reactor at Santa Susana Field Laboratory, nuclear energy was generated from 1957 to 1964. Moorpark was also the site of a huge chicken farm known as Egg City. Opened in 1961, Egg City housed millions of chickens on its property. After closing in 1996, the site was destroyed by a wildfire in 2006.

Moorpark Real Estate Statistics (as according to United States Census Bureau)

Housing units(2010) = 10,738
Homeownership rate(2008-2012) = 78.5%
Housing units in multi-unit structures, percent(2008-2012) = 14.0%
Median value of owner-occupied housing units(2008-2012) = $543,300
Households(2008-2012) = 10
Persons per household(2008-2012) = 3.32
Per capita money income in past 12 months(2008-2012) = $35,612
Median household income(2008-2012) = $102,411

There are several neighborhoods to choose from when searching for Moorpark real estate. Campus Park is where you will find Moorpark College as well as a good amount of new development. Mountain Meadows and Peach Hill feature many homes that were mostly built in the last 30 years. Finally, Old Town Moorpark is the historic center of the city which features the High Street Arts Center and various restaurants and other businesses. Annual festivities for the family to enjoy in Moorpark are the Moorpark County days, Civil War reenactments, the Apricot Festival, and the 3rd of July fireworks event.

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