Areas Served

Santa Barbara is one of the many areas that our company services

Dream Home Property Solutions, LLC operates in Ventura County and Santa Barbara County. Please click on one of the links below to learn more about a specific city. Feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions.

Camarillo is the 4th largest city in Ventura County and has the third highest median income in the County. With 16 constituent neighborhoods, Camarillo is also the 123rd largest community in California. Just some of the areas that we serve in Camarillo include City Center, Las Posas Rd / Carmen Dr, Arneil Rd / E. Ponderosa Dr, Mission Oaks Blvd / Woodcreek Rd, Upland Rd / San Onofre Dr, Glenbrook Ave / Las Posas Rd, Calle Portilla / Camino La Madera, Central Ave / Beardsley Rd, St John’s Seminary / Santa Rosa Rd, and Somis.

We love working with residents of “the last best small town in Southern California.” While other real estate professionals may only focus on the larger cities in the County, such as Oxnard, Ventura, or Thousand Oaks, we gladly provide our services to Fillmore and the rest of the County. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home in City Center, North Fillmore, or the Bardsdale / Sespe Village area, we are here to meet any and all of your real estate needs.

With its good schools, college educated neighborhood, and low crime, Moorpark is one of the more sought-after cities to raise a family in Ventura County. Although not as large as some of the other cities, Moorpark is a desirable location for those looking to buy a home. The eight constituent neighborhoods making up Moorpark include Epworth, Tierra Rejada Rd / Mountain Trail, Shady Point Dr / N Cedarpine Ln, Harvester St / Tierra Rejada Rd, Virginia Colony / Fairview, W Los Angeles Ave / Moorpark Ave, City Center, and Moorpark Home Acres.

Also known for being a city of artists, Ojai has some of the most expensive real estate in the County. Since it is a smaller community and can take a while to get to from the other cities in the counties, not all real estate companies prefer to work with clients in Ojai. Just like every other city in Ventura County, Dream Home Property Solutions, LLC is eager to assist clients in the neighborhoods of City Center, Ojai Santa Paula Rd / Mountain Lion Rd, Meiners Oaks / Mira Monte, and Arbolada

As the 19th largest community in California, Oxnard offers diverse scenery from farm lands to beachfront property. With that being said, real estate prices in Oxnard can vary greatly from below median homes to multi-million dollar homes right on the beach. With an intimate knowledge of Oxnard and the surrounding areas, we are sure to be able to assist Oxnard residents with all of their housing needs. Some of the areas we specialize in include the historic district, Oxnard Shores, Colonia, Hollywood Beach, Hollywood by the Sea, and Riverpark.

Port Hueneme
Having initially moved to the area to work at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Port Hueneme Division, the city of Port Hueneme will always have a special place in our hearts. We gladly work with civilians, active duty, and veterans in Port Hueneme to meet all of your real estate needs. We work with a number of trusted mortgage lenders to be able to assist members of the military to understand all financing options that are available to them. Although the number of actual homes in Port Hueneme is relatively small compared to the rest of the County, there is still plenty of opportunity to buy and sell homes in the city.

Santa Barbara
As mentioned, not only do we love to help residents of Ventura County, but also Santa Barbara County. Whether you’re a college student looking for a place to rent/live in Goleta, a retired couple looking to buy a home in downtown Santa Barbara, or anything between, we are here to help. Some of the neighborhoods we do business in include Montecito, Mission Canyon, and Hope Ranch.

Santa Paula
Also known as the “Citrus Capital of the world” and the “antique airplane capital of the world,” Santa Paula is the 248th largest city in California. Originally established by the Chumash Indians, Santa Paula only encompasses 4.6 square miles. Dream Home Property Solutions, LLC works with Santa Paula residents in neighborhoods including City Center, Limon / Limoneira, W Santa Paula St / Peck Rd, Thomas Aquinas College / Fair Weather Xing, W Main St / S Palm Ave, and Kevet.

Simi Valley
Simi Valley has one of the more diverse work forces in Ventura County, with about an even mix of blue collar and white collar workers. In our opinion, it also has some of the most reasonably priced housing of the bigger cities, which may be due its lack of beachfront properties. In any case, Simi Valley offers a wide range of housing options and we are here to assist all Simi Valley residents or those looking to move to Simi Valley. Just a couple of the areas we provide assistance to are Santa Susana Knolls, Alamo St / Sycamore Dr, and Walnut Ave / Texas Ave.

Thousand Oaks
Thousand Oaks is another city in Ventura County with top-rated schools and low crime. While that makes Thousand Oaks a very enticing city for many Ventura County residents to live in, it also means that the city has some of the highest housing prices in the County. If you are looking to buy or sell real estate in Thousand Oaks, we can help with any and all of your needs. Whether you want to live near Casa Canejo or more towards Westlake Village and the rest of Los Angeles County, feel free to contact us at any time.

Ventura is where Dream Home Property Solutions, LLC is located. Having lived in Ventura throughout most of our time in Ventura County, we are intimately familiar with the different neighborhoods and streets. We can help residents who live in Midtown, Pierpont Bay, Ventura Shores or off of the Avenue. Or if you are looking to buy a home in Ventura, we can help you find the perfect house that you are looking for.

Ventura County
Although we specifically called out Santa Barbara and the 10 main cities of Ventura County, we also serve all areas of Ventura County such as Somis, Point Mugu, La Conchita, Casitas Springs, Oak Park, Lake Sherwood, Oak View, and Saticoy. Even if you need real estate assistance outside of Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, we work with real estate professionals all throughout Southern California and can mostly likely refer you to one of our trusted partners.