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Foreclosure Help In Thousand Oaks, California

When faced with foreclosure, many Thousand Oaks residents feel like they have nowhere to turn. The foreclosure process can be extremely confusing and stressful, and this sometimes paralyzes homeowners from taking the actions necessary to prevent foreclosure. If you are looking for foreclosure help in Thousand Oaks, below is some information that can get you started in the right direction. If you have any questions about the foreclosure process in Thousand Oaks, or about your home in general, we offer free, no-obligation consultations. Your information will always be kept strictly confidential. We have helped Ventura County homeowners in the past with foreclosures and are more than happy to speak to you about your unique situation. We can be reached by filling out one of the forms on this page, by email at Info@DreamHomePS.com, or by phone at 805-250-8335.

Communicate with your Thousand Oaks lender

One of the first things you should do when facing foreclosure in Thousand Oaks is to contact your lender regularly. Many people avoid calling their lenders when they are having financial troubles because they think the bank will immediately try to foreclose on their property. Besides the fact that the foreclosure process cannot be done overnight, most lenders actually do not like dealing with foreclosures on homeowners as it costs them a lot of time and money. As soon as you know you may be running into financial issues, it is best to contact your bank and see what options are available to you. Some lenders may be willing to modify the terms of your loan to make them more convenient to your situation. However, the farther you fall behind on payments, the fewer options will be available to you. The biggest mistake we see from Thousand Oaks residents facing foreclosure is waiting far too long to take any sort of action. By the time they contact us for help, they are usually only a couple of days away from the sale of their home at an auction. Please don’t let this happen to you.

calculator used creating a budget for foreclosure help in thousand oaksIf you are unsure of how exactly to contact your Thousand Oaks lender, their information can usually be found in several places:

1. Your monthly mortgage billing statement
2. Your payment book coupon
3. An internet search for the lender’s name

Lenders normally need a certain amount of information to discuss your mortgage and potentially assist you with a modification. We recommend having the following available when you contact your lender.

1. Your loan account number
2. Documentation about your recent income (pay stubs, disability unemployment, public assistance, etc.)
3. A list of household expenses.

On top of that, also be prepared to give a brief explanation of your circumstances. You may want to have some idea of what you will say so that you are not caught off guard and you don’t miss out any important pieces of information that may help the bank understand your situation better.

Talk to a Ventura County housing counseling agency

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has approved housing counseling agencies in Ventura County that offer foreclosure help in Thousand Oaks. These approved agencies can provide you with information and assistance you need to avoid foreclosure. You can speak with a HUD-approved housing counseling agency and arrange an appointment with a counselor. A counselor will have up-to-date knowledge on the various workout arrangements that most lenders will consider and will help you come up with a course of action based on your specific circumstances. Not only can they help you determine what options are available to you, they can also call the lender with you or on your behalf to discuss a plan.

Ideally, the counselor will work with you to understand your monthly income and expenses and then come up with a monthly budget to meet your expenses. This financial plan should show the lender how much money you have available to make a monthly mortgage payment. Using this information, the lender can perform an analysis to see how a reduced or delayed payment schedule might be able to help your situation. Hopefully, this will create a win-win situation that will make your payments more affordable and allow you to keep making payments to the lender.

As of the writing of this page, there are no counseling agencies located within the city limits of Thousand Oaks. To find the nearest location to you, here is a link to HUD Housing Counseling Agencies located in California

Foreclosure Help In Thousand Oaks

We hope this was enough information to be useful for anyone needing foreclosure help in Thousand Oaks. If you take only one thing away from this page, it should be to start seeking help as early as possible. The last thing you want is to lose your home or the equity you have in it! If you need any help or advice with anything, we are here to help Thousand Oaks residents with any and all of their real estate needs. As mentioned above, we can be reached at 805-250-8335, by email at Info@DreamHomePS.com, or by filling out one of the forms on this page.

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