7 Common Real Estate Investing Mistakes In Ventura County

MSN previously put out an article entitled “20 Common Investing Mistakes.”  For today’s blog post, I thought we would take a few of these “mistakes” and see how they can be applied to the world of real estate.  Although MSN’s article was mainly focused on the stock market, many of the same concepts can be … Continued

Cap Rate in Ventura County | What Is It And What Is It Used For?

If you have ever looked into investing in multifamily buildings, or other commercial properties, you have probably heard of Capitalization Rate.  Known by its more common name, “cap rate,” this term is used quite frequently in the buying and selling of investment and commercial properties.  For those who have been investing in commercial properties, this … Continued

3 Ways To Get Into Real Estate Investing Full Time

As we write this blog post, most would consider that the Ventura County real estate market is tilted heavily in the sellers’ favor. Any home that is priced reasonably can expect to see multiple offers within the first week or so. If you remember when home prices were rising before the last crash, you can … Continued

5 Firing Tips for Ventura County Business Owners

In our last post, we provided 4 tips for hiring new employees for your Ventura County small business.  As we mentioned in that post, whenever your business takes that first step into hiring more employees, it may be inevitable that you will have to fire an employee at some point. While this is obviously never … Continued

4 Hiring Tips for Ventura County Business Owners

Many small business owners in Ventura County start off on a very small scale.  As the owner, maybe you are also your only employee as well. Other times, you may have a small staff of one or two family members.  Some small business owners may not want to grow any bigger than where they started, … Continued

Information on Business Structures in Ventura County

If you are a real estate investor starting out, or maybe even a seasoned one, you may have asked yourself (or your colleagues) if you should incorporate your real estate business. While having an S-Corp or a LLC may be beneficial to your situation, you should understand why you are doing it and make sure … Continued