If you need help with a short sale in Oxnard California, this page should contain pertinent information that you are looking for.  We would like to stress that all lenders are different, so some of this information may or may not apply to your particular lender.  If you would like Oxnard short sale assistance, feel free to reach out to us by filling out one of the forms on this page, by email at Info@DreamHomePS.com, or by calling 805-250-8335.

Short Selling Your Oxnard Home

Hopefully we can address your questions about the short sale process in Oxnard so that you have the information you need to make the best decisions for you and your situation. There are many reasons Oxnard homeowners choose to pursue a short sale, so know that you are not alone in your situation.  To begin, let’s start with the basics.

What is a Short Sale?

A Short Sale is when you sell your home for less than the existing mortgage amount. If your lender agrees to accept a short sale, this is one of the possible ways to avoid a foreclosure on your record. Many people wonder why a lender would accept less than the amount that is owed on a piece of real estate.  Banks are not in the business of owning real estate and it actually costs them quite a bit of money to go through the foreclosure process. For them, short sales are usually better financially than foreclosures.

Will the bank help with a short sale in Oxnard if I am current on my mortgage?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is that it depends.  Some lenders will approve a short sale on loans that are not delinquent while others will not.  The only way to know for sure is to contact your bank and speak to them about your situation.

What documents will I need for short sale assistance in Oxnard?

These are the documents you will typically need to get started with a short sale.  Again, all lenders are different, so this list could vary.photo representing short sale assistance in oxnard

  • Bank statements (1 or 2 months’ worth)
  • Tax returns (1 or 2 years’ worth)
  • Recent pay stubs
  • Signed Listing Agreement
  • Financial Statement including bills and any other financial obligations

Top Reasons To Short Sell In Oxnard

  1. You pay no out of pocket expenses. Your lender will pay all commissions, for both the buyer and seller’s agent. They will also pay all of your closing costs.  Since you will be selling your house as-is, you will not have to pay for any upgrades or repairs.
  2. You may qualify for relocation assistance.
  3. You can remain in your home during the short sale. Similar to traditional sales, you can live in your home while it is listed with your agent and throughout the escrow process. Depending on Oxnard real estate market conditions, this can give you anywhere from a couple of months to 6 months or more.

Who can I contact for Oxnard Short Sale Assistance?

If you are looking for help with a short sale in Oxnard, a local realtor who is familiar with the short sale process would be a good place to start.  Short sales can be complicated and require a lot of diligent communication with the lender.  Although you are more than welcome to speak to your lender yourself, a real estate agent who has helped Ventura County homeowners with short sales in the past may give you a higher chance of getting a short sale approved.  Normally this will require a signed authorization letter giving approval for your realtor to speak to your lender about your loan.

Short Sale Assistance in Oxnard California

At Dream Home Property Solutions, LLC, we have helped Ventura County residents with short sales and navigating the foreclosure process. Co-owner Ainslee Charles (CA BRE: 01969612) is a licensed realtor and can help you facilitate your short sale. She will help you through the short sale process and with bank negotiations.  Maybe most importantly, she will take the time to make sure that you understand every step of the process to make you feel as comfortable as possible.  She is committed to serving all of your real estate needs with the highest level of professionalism.

If you would like to speak to us regarding short sale assistance in Oxnard California, or anywhere in Ventura County, call us today at 805-250-8335 for a FREE, no-obligation consultation.  Or if you prefer, you can also fill out one of the forms on this page or send us an email to Info@DreamHomePS.com.  

Ventura County short sale assistance

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